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Chenoweth Musicians
String Quartet

Chenoweth Musicians make events special with string ensembles (string quartet) playing timeless classics and contemporary music throughout North Texas.

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LeeAnne's string quartet did an awesome job playing music for the prelude, during the ceremony, and during the reception. They had a great selection of classical and pop arrangements to pick from and offered advice on the arrangement of certain pieces. Also, their cello bass was willing and talented in the area of arranging a special piece I requested to be played. They were a pleasure to work with and I appreciate the great music they provided our guests.
Chenoweth Musicians make events special with string ensembles playing timeless classics and contemporary music throughout North Texas.
We aim to perform music at the highest level of perfection and beauty; taking time to understand what music from which composers would best suit your event.
About Chenoweth Musicians

Music Brings Us Together

Violinist LeeAnne Chenoweth, formerly employed by the Ft. Worth Symphony Orchestra, founded Chenoweth Musicians in 2007. After leaving FWSO to produce her own concerts, Timeless Concerts, she further developed her business of contracting musicians for special events.

Hiring musicians who are most deserving of performance work is very satisfying for Chenoweth. She understands the importance of hiring only the best musicians for wedding music or other private events, whether background music to set a certain mood or music that will be in the spotlight for a special moment, such as the entrance of a bride. Our professional music arranger can accommodate special requests.

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Why hire Chenoweth Musicians for your next event

Our string instruments are known for having a particularly gorgeous tone. Being from serious orchestral backgrounds, musicians with music degrees, and having finer instruments is definitely something that sets us apart from other performers.

People have spoken of our beautiful sound and how well we project. Our variety is appreciated by our customers, some who had special themes such as Disney and movie music, and others who wanted a very classical sound with Vivaldi and Mozart, or even tunes from opera.

Listen to some of our tracks and Wedding Ceremony Music

Music is the Language of Emotions

Chenoweth Musicians may be hired for special events from private parties, weddings, and wine tastings, to grand openings or any corporate events. Ensembles suit many different sized budgets/venues; duos, trios, quartets, or larger ensembles. For years, we have been pleasing brides and wedding event planners, plus corporate planners at various locations from the Ritz and Adolphus to backyard gardens and even family ranch functions! Our vast music library of timeless classics and contemporary music is appealing to all. From holiday parties to birthday parties, live music makes any occasion more special!

Really, really enjoyed your playing before the wedding. It was so beautiful!
Pete Foskett
Thank you all so much!!! I couldn't have asked for better music during my ceremony.
Emma McNabb
It was a privilege to have you all play at the wedding, and it was absolutely gorgeous and perfect. Thank you so much!
Kathy Hodge Abrahamson
Chenoweth Chamber Music can provide just about any kind of music, or combination of musicians, and are professional in every aspect.
LeeAnne has always been wonderful to work with. Her musical expertise and experience makes putting together a wedding program excellent and easy. Highly recommend!
Jacob Tilton
Music Director at Ft. Worth Presbyterian Church
As a Music Assistant for a large church in Arlington, I have hired Chenoweth Musicians both for church events and for weddings. The group is of the highest quality—musically, professionally, and personally. Their arrangements are fresh and enjoyable, many arranged by their cellist Jim Higgins. I highly recommend hiring Chenoweth Musicians if you have a need for excellent, professional musicians for your weddings, parties or other events.
Emily Klophaus
Music Assistant at First Baptist Church Arlington
Working with Lee Anne for my fundraising event was simple. She chose a fabulous musician to join her, and was highly attuned to the setting and music that would set the right mood for the event. Not only did she and her fellow musician provide engaging entertainment for the evening, she brought along her own photographer who added additional value. I would highly recommend this highly talented musician for your next event.
Dr. Victoria Farrar-Myers
Lee Anne – I heard RAVE reviews about your music myself, and it sounded wonderful. You also played one of my favorite songs ever, Moon River!!! My heart sang and I wish I could have told you! You were phenomenal! I’m so sorry I had to put y’all down off the steps, but we had too many people RSVP and ran out of space, and it was important to me that y’all had a tent to cover you just in case. But the sound was lovely  from the pavilion. Thank you so much for your hard work and creativity. You’re an official vendor for us now and I will let you know the next time we need your music, which I’m sure won’t be long!  
Samantha Mitchell
Senior Donor Relations